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kontrastmoment was founded in Munich on May 1, 2002 by the managing owner Andreas Waldenmaier. The company is a multicultural, interdisciplinary design office in the field of digital experience design. This consists of two subject areas:

Interface Design.

We are pioneers.

For twenty years now, kontrastmoment has been developing, designing and realizing complex human-machine interfaces in all phases of research, pre-development and series development. We are the mediators between the human and technical worlds. We are border crossers in the fields of computer science, technology, product design, ergonomics, communication, culture and psychology. As interface designers, it is our job to design and translate the interfaces between this world and the technological world beyond. We oversee this development from the initial idea through the entire process chain to series production and further development. The difference between us and our competitors is that we master every phase of this process chain in depth. That is our expertise.

Experience Design.

We are storytellers.

We are specialists in a society that is becoming more and more technologized - all areas of life are becoming digitalized and networked. The individual user is losing an understanding of technology and how it works. Belief in it is replacing knowledge - technology is transcending into magic and mysticism. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to tell the user a story, to create a world in which they can find their way around and concentrate on their wishes and needs. Whether complex information is to be presented, an abstract interface made operable or a unique user experience designed, a story is needed. But to be able to tell a story, you first have to listen, ask questions and understand. This is where we differ from our competitors. That is our strength.

20 Cultures

kontrastmoment celebrates diversity. Meeting the demands of a global market and an interconnected world is only possible with an international team of experts from diverse fields.

60 Experts

Currently, our team is made up of 60 interactive designers, game designers, product designers, communication designers, computer scientists, 3D and realtime artists, philologists and software ergonomists.

20 Disciplines

First and foremost, we are diverse! Our 60 experts bring their various knowledge and experience from different areas of the creative and technology sectors, and they channel this into achieving the goals for each project.